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Has your child had a near death experience?

One of the most interesting areas in the study of the near death experience, relates to those occurring in children. It is not clear what proportion of children who undergo a major illness have NDE, but what is certainly clear is that many children have described accurate details of near death experiences. In the case of children their experiences are often recalled through the course of play and possibly over a long period of time. Parents have often described how in some instances their children have started talking about the ‘the day I died’, many months after a severe life threatening illness. In many cases the parents have been surprised as they had not told thir children anything about being close to death. In many other cases the children have been too young to have any concept of death or the afterlife. Children’s NDE seem to follow the same general concepts as those recalled by adults, but they have a simpler theme. Sometimes also the content is recalled using simple childrens vocabulary.In many cases the child forgets the NDE as they grow older.
In our opnion, it is important to allow children to express themselves and talk freely about their experiences. There have been no recorded cases of harmful NDE in children.

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